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George MoyerGeorge Moyer began his professional career at the age of 23 where he serviced as a financial analyst for a major bank in the North East. Over the course of 29 years George has worked for several Fortune 500 companies where he has worked for banks, insurance companies, security firms and other business helping these companies or their clients make investment decisions. George spent most of the 29 years studying entire industries, assessing trends in business practices, products, and industry competition. George would then take the information and research he compiled and apply it to the industry or specific company and determine their value and project future earnings.

After many years studying financial trends and guiding big business towards their profit goals, George decided it was time for a change. In 2003, George made a career adjustment and decided to help out long time friend and legendary handicapper Alex Meyers. George spent the next two years learning a completely different industry in sports handicapping. George spent his two years helping Alex study trends and introducing Alex to formulas he used to gauge financial trends in his previous line of work. George introduced Alex to a new way of studying stats and team match ups and Alex introduced George to his new found passion.

Sports Investing SoftwareIn early 2006, George Moyer set out to find new demographics of people to help guide them towards financial goals. George Moyer developed Cap Fox as a way to fuel his passion for sports handicapping and to direct members towards gaining financial independence through sports wagering. George’s money management techniques and methodology on picking winners is second to none. George has contributed his knowledge for studying trends, statistics and an understanding of team and player match ups. Needless to say, George uses many mathematical equations and financial databases to help determine his key releases each day.

Cap Fox specializes in American sports: Baseball, Football, and Basketball — both college and professional. Our clients range from the experienced sports investor with the affluence and determination to turn an enthusiasm for sports into an income-producing professionally managed portfolio, to the novice just interested in dabbling in the sports market for their own entertainment. Our consultants and associates each have several years experience as licensed financial brokers, enthusiastic sports fans, and professional odds makers. Regardless of background, our consultants and associates all demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and professionalism.

The CapFox Software System is the foundation for all of the Cap Fox daily selections, and is a derivative software program of StatTrak using the following statistics:

Sports Investing Software
  • VALUE RATINGS is a sports consulting firm created by an avid financial trader and successful sports bettor which makes for a very profitable combination. Few decisions in both markets demand more consideration and attention to detail and few people invest in both without trusted and reliable advice provided by a seasoned professional armed with the tools and computer software experience to closely monitor trends and lines. Experienced sports investors know there are a lot of sports consulting firms and “handicappers” in the market, but very few are in the league of George Moyer. The picks at CapFox are the result of sophisticated software programs, critical analysis and mature judgment of successful financial traders able to meet demanding deadlines, and consultation with a large network of associates with specialized experience in the specific sport they advise on. George Moyer has a team of associate advisors with long standing relationships from inside the game and an inside reach that few can claim.

Customized from StatTrak software, the George Moyer system gets smarter after every game and learns day to day, week to week, month to month and season to season based on Artificial Intelligence software that automatically makes adjustments to the Handicapping Algorithms based on what it has learned from handicapping games. The above mentioned statistics are utilized by the Learning Module in adjusting the Handicapping Algorithms.

We never disclose our client lists to anyone and we never permit our consultants to discuss clients with other consultants. Confidentiality and discretion are assured at